Authentic Yoga

"Authentic Yoga is revealed to be nothing more and nothing less than direct participation in the wonder of our own embodied reality: intimacy with life itself, which is in us, as us. It offers us the means to enjoy the union of opposites both within and without, as the very form and life of the universe." -- Mark Whitwell

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient technology that can help you find wholeness, ease, and peace. Our caring teachers and small in-person classes can overcome many of the limitations of virtual yoga and help you create a short, regular home practice that fits your needs.

Still Mind Yoga - Westchester NY

Located in Scarsdale, NY

Long known for our small class size, close personal instruction, and dedication to the principles of peace throughout practice. Our clean Zen-like space is used for yoga and features:
  • Central location in Scarsdale
  • Free on-site parking
  • Flooring well cushioned with tatami mats to be easy on joints
  • Only used for contemplative practices towards developing peace
  • Video streaming capability