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At Still Mind Yoga we stand ready to respond to the interest in the community for yoga practice. As a nonprofit, we protect our resources so we may continue to offer programs for the benefit of the community over the long term. The pandemic has unleashed unprecedented change in the practice of yoga. Online classes and Youtube videos replaced the full-time dedicated yoga studio. Many teachers vacated the field, and full-time yoga studio owners, after losing their entire investment, are reticent to reinvest in the absence of outside funding. Student interest has been erratic and sparse. The full-time yoga studio with 3-6 classes/day in a dedicated yoga space, at best may be years away. In the interim, we are happy to facilitate those interested in the practice with lower cost private and semi-private sessions – in-person, online or outdoors. If one or more students wish to create continuous open classes through regular involvement, we are happy to facilitate that as well. As our mission is to respond to the interest of the community in yoga, the development of a more complete program is dependent upon sufficient interest to support it.

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Our Programs


Our programs are all connected with the mission of helping people find peace, health and happiness in daily activities.



Yoga Programs for adults and children with a variety of instructors. The focus of all classes are stilling the mind to develop greater peace and improved health / vitality

tai chi chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art which emphasizes health sometimes as much as self defense. It is known as an internal martial art.

adult aikido

Aikido - Adults/Kids

Aikido is unusual in the martial arts world for both dedication to defending oneself without harming the attacker, and the fluid dance like movements.


Kids Yoga

Yoga Programs for adults and children with a variety of instructors. The focus of all classes are stilling the mind to develop greater peace and improved health / vitality

tai chi chuan


Pilates is a form of exercise known to build the core and particularly target relief from back pain.

adult aikido


Therapeutic massage, EFT Tapping, health coaching and other modalities may be available to meet your needs.

Dedicated Teachers


We have carefully chosen seasoned yoga practitioners, serious about their practice and qualified to conduct a safe, accessible, and peaceful class. Scroll through our teacher bios to learn more about the dedicated staff and the classes they offer at Still Mind Yoga.

stop activity and return to stillness, and that stillness will be even more active

About Still Mind Yoga

In a world filled with violence and discord, how can a person find peace? A personal contemplative practice is essential to remaining centered amidst the storms of life. Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga is a place where you can find the tools you need for inner peace and health through the disciplines of yoga, tai chi, aikido, karate, and meditation. The best way to make the world more peaceful is for people to become more peaceful themselves and share it with others. This requires a regular mind/body practice done in community with the support and encouragement of others.

Pandemic Recovery


Many yoga studios closed during the pandemic, and restarting full time yoga studios will not be instantaneous. Substantial interest sustained over a longer period of time is needed. In the interim, we do our best to serve the community in the whatever way we can.

Teacher Centric Approach

At Still Mind Yoga, students can access the practice through the individual teacher class offerings. Various approaches to the practice as well as venue and schedules are given on each teacher's individual page.

Indoor Classes

We have in-person yoga class capability throughout the year in our well ventilated space. Private, semi-private and open classes are possible.

Outdoor Classes

When the weather is warm and sunny, outdoor classes are an enjoyable option. Some teachers have offered their private decks, or public parks.

Online Classes

Online private and semi-private sessions in yoga and pilates are offered by Stephanie.

What people say


Authentic training brings relaxation and peace in each situation, whether it be physically challenging to test your limits or turning inwards.

I also attend the Hatha Yoga classes at Still Minds conducted by Matt. These Yoga classes are physically invigorating and are certain to lift your spirits. Matt tunes each of his classes to match, with just the right amount of stretch, the capabilities of the students. Matt can provide insights into the philosophical background of the Yoga practice. He is also a licensed massage therapist. After just a few sessions he significantly increased the mobility and reduced pain in my neck and shoulders! Matt’s Yoga and massage sessions are always calming and professionally done - highly recommended!

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On a personal note, I've been coming here for two years and it has been very beneficial to my mind, body, and spirit. The classes help me work out my musculoskeletal issues and truly Still my mind. I always feel so much better and a sense of peace at the completion of each class. Hope to see you on the mat in the studio/dojo soon:)

Danielle - Google Ads

I now regularly attend classes with Stephanie, Kim and Matt. Each has a slightly different focus and style, i.e. strength and balance, breathing, relaxation and meditation, incorporating music and chants. So I enjoy having a choice to fit my needs on a particular day. The instructors are exceptional, lovely people and pay personal attention to the needs of everyone in the class...

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